The Masterplan

Building a different OS with a complete different mindset from what is mainly used is difficult and time-consuming. To keep the ideals of suckless in its design and principles there needs to be a certain guideline how to accomplish sta.li.


1.) Get a static base environment working

Steps in this direction have been done in the sabotage, bootstrap and morpheus Linux distributions. They should serve as a base for further a further extension to make a base environment which can be used by the average suckless user.

2.) Allow the emulation of the old behaviour

In this step some easy way to emulate the old dynamic linking, which will allow to use pre-existing packages for other distributions, is needed to be implemented.

A proposal for the emulation directory is ‘/emul’. All applications running below this directory will be run in a chroot under this path.

Linux is still struggling with Windows compatibility, which brought really obscure design decisions to the Open Source environment. It will take a long time to convert active developers to our principles.

3.) Make the installation user-friendly

For this step the Arch Linux way of text installation could be simply copied. The GUI way of Ubuntu will stop people from thinking.

4.) Maintain the community

Maintaining an Open Source community isn’t just maintaining the status quo. It needs templates and tutorials on how to spread the suckless ways of thinking and being productive. The web is not a part of this.